OMG, I am SOOOOOO very sorry for not getting on for… um I don’t even remember how long. I’ve been very busy with concert band *I got first chair!* and many other things. Since I’m on right now, I’m going to TRY to update some things, I’m not sure I even remember how to.. but still. I’m also going to add a new page cause there’s an idea in my head right now, lol. Add me on Webkinz, username WebkinzRule942. Thank you for anyone who continued to check into the site during the long time period in which I wasn’t on.



Polls! Yay!

50th Comment: Gratz to Janey {please add me for your prize}


100th Comment: Lolz, Janey, please add me if you want to get anything.


150th Comment: Janey… Againz


200th Comment: Guess – Yup. Janey 


250th Comment: { Some Random Person }

Hey guys and gals out there!

1.Comments must make sense.
2.Don’t say the same things over and over!
3.No rude, offensive, or inappropriate language.
4.Have Fun!

The Prizes are:

50th Comment: Anything 1-500 KinzCash @ the W-Shop

100th Comment: 40% Coupon for the W-Shop and anything 1-1500 KinzCash @ the W-Shop

150th Comment: Strike-A-Posing Plant

200th Comment: Amethyst Geode

250th Comment: Gemstone Table

300th Comment: Ribbons and Bows Tree

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